Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Magnetic letters

After a busy day, how to keep little man amused while I finished off the dinner (the hot bits he couldn't help with)?  Fridge letters!  Ollie had great fun plastering these on to the fridge, reading the letters and counting them -"look mummy, four 'O's says oooo".  It also turned out to be a good way of him looking at the way that words are made up of individual letters "why are these letters all stuck together?" - "because that is a word, and words are made up of letters stuck together".  At 3 and a quarter Ollie constantly surprises me with how literate he is becoming.  He has an Alphablocks alphabet poster bluetacked to the wall next to his potty and he likes to read out the letters.  A few days ago he pointed to the 'n' and the 'o' and said "n,o, that says NO! mummy" and then laughed because he thought he was being naughty.  That isn't a phrase I've noticed us use in this house, so it was really funny coming out the way it did.

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