Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cracking on with studying

That's that chapter finished.  Next stop TMA01.  For anyone not used to Open University acronyms, that my first Tutor Marked Assignment for this course.  It's a very front loaded course, so I'm glad I've hit this spot a month ahead of schedule to give me plenty of time to work on it.  I know that if I tried to follow the recommended calendar I'd end up falling behind as with two small children the chances of being taken out of action for a week or so is pretty high.  All it takes is a poorly sleepless child needing extra cuddles, and my two hours study after their bedtime goes out the window.  I would 100% recommend studying to any stay-at-home parent though as it added a brain work out that I needed to prevent mush brain.  I started with a social sciences introductory course (too easy) then a maths for science module (fantastic - really faced my demons, made my brain feel like I was chomping on wasabe, and gave me a huge high when I got 92%).  This year I've jumped to a Level 3 course as the OU is allowing me to cash in my first degree, so I only need 120 credits of Level 3 modules to get a second degree.  I think this will take me about 4 years in total, so long as I can fund it.

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