Monday, 25 February 2013

Glue and stick letters

On Friday Ollie was still suffering the tail end of chickenpox, so we went for some indoor fun, including making 3D letters by sticking down things from his craft box.  The first one Ollie wanted to make was a T for little brother Toby.  It turned out really well, unlike Toby's sticky fun which ended when he tried very hard to eat a feather.  back to the finger paints for you.  Some of the items Ollie chose to use where things I'd saved from the CBeebies magazines he likes (For example I didn't want to let Ollie loose with a bag of small plastic spiders at Halloween when there was a mouth exploring baby crawling around).  These kinds of activities are fantastic for showing there isn't just one way to make art if you're in a rut with just a paintbox, and also makes picking up letters fun.  All you need to do as a parent is to put the glue on in the shape of the letter, let the little have free reign with sticking, and then weigh it all down with something at the end until it dries.  The boys are now proud owners of lovely letter pictures on their respective doors.

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