Friday, 15 November 2013

Creating family traditions

Tomorrow it will be four years since my eldest was born and I know it's a worn-out phrase but I don't know where the time has gone.  We have been adding in new family traditions with each birthday, and now set up a birthday breakfast the night before so the kids can come down to everything set up for them.  After breakfast I sit down with the birthday boy and we look through their memory box of things saved from their first year or so - their hospital tags, first booties, baby photos, cards from well wishers.  Then we go for a day out with friends invited along for the fun.  Last year we went to the Science Museum in London which was a wonderful opportunity to take along friends from home and
to meet up with old friends that we don't see often enough.  This proved to be the winning formula - no wasted food when people dropped out at the last minute, no stress over hiring a venue of decorating a house, and a brilliant day out into the bargain.  I'm glad we did this last year since no less than 20 people cancelled the day before, mainly with an outbreak of Norovirus.  This is also a good budget option since anyone who wants to come sorts out transport and food for themselves.  We also put out the message that no gifts are necessary, since the effort of getting there and spending the day with them is the best gift anyone could give to the boys.

This year since I'm blogging perhaps this is the start of a new tradition - I little look back through past birthdays :)

Ollie at a day old.

First birthday - an early party at home with a Halloween theme and the cutest pumpkin ever (I may be biased of course)

Ollie's second birthday, a party shared with his cousin and the last he'd have as an only child since Toby made an appearance the following month.
Ollie's third birthday, and his first as an amazing big brother to an adoring little brother.

The boys a couple of weeks ago getting ready to go to our friend's Halloween party.  After he dived headlong into a puddle today I'm not sure if the outfit will be ready to see another outing tomorrow :)

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