Thursday, 14 November 2013

Celebrating Putoniumsox's 100th Post by joining in her challenge

A while ago I introduced my friend to blogging, and being the superwoman she is she ran with it and is beating me at my own game :)  She is now celebrating her 100th post with this centennial challenge:

Here's how it works. Take  (Natalie's) 10 headings and change the 10 words in each section to words of your own. Sentences, lists, jokes, however you want to do it, 10 words only per section. Then pop a link at the bottom, have a read of some other blogs and leave them some lovely comments. You could even follow your favourites! 

1. Things I love

My boys (big and small), my friends, writing. 

2. Places I love

Anywhere there are forests and coasts and/or mountains. 

3. I love this photograph because... 

We turned a horrible morning into a beautiful afternoon.

4. Charities that deserve some love 

Kiva microlending

Retired greyhound trust 

5. What's funny? 

Two nuns in a car. A vampire jumps on the windscreen.  The first nun says 'quick, show him your cross' so the second nun shouts 'get off my effing car!'

6. On a desert island I would need... 

My boys, an endless supply of contact lenses, marmite

7. This week's news

My baby is going to be 4 this week!

8. My best ever bargain

Stacks of free training with my local children's centers 

9. What I enjoy doing

Walking, writing, playing, painting on people, learning

10. What I hate

I don't hate, but lots of things make me angry or sad. 

That's me done.  If you want to play along, visit and tag in

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