Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Making a joke book - quick literacy idea

I'm trying to keep Ollie interested in learning to read and write by providing varied ideas which he can see the immediate relevance of.

One which we started this week taps into two things, one being his fascination with jokes (he likes them, but he gets frustrated because he can't work out what makes a joke funny), the other is his love of making books.

Each night I write a joke out on our white board.  Each morning when he comes down for breakfast Matt helps him read it.

After breakfast (and Octonauts) Ollie then copies the joke into a book that he is making for my Dad's birthday present.  When one joke is copied in, he can either tell me the next joke he wants written up for him, or I chose one.  The white board stays up on the kitchen table so that Ollie can come back and add to his book as he wants to.

I usually add a diagram to the whiteboard to help him work out what the joke is about, but then the final picture he adds is his own. 

So if you have any good, short, clean jokes we'd love to here them please!

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