Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quiet on the blog - busy outdoors

I have an exam in a couple of weeks, so every minute not spent with the kids has been spent ploughing through past papers and scratching my head over ocean currents and whatnot, so it has been a bit quiet on the blog.  I also apologise to my friends whose blogs I have also been neglecting reading - I will catch up soon, promise.

In the meantime, we have had a busy fun filled couple of weeks, I just haven't had a chance to write about them.  So here's a quick overview of some of what we've been up to in pictures.
 Kids not convinced it's bedtime with the lighter evenings, so off to the woods we go.

 Building a gate to 'keep our cows in the field' made a good spider web challenge.
 Roman history project took a practical turn as we made a wax writing tablet.


 Ollie decided to dress up for an afternoon adventure at Battle Abbey.

Surprise harvest of broad beans as they were ready a little earlier than we were expecting last night.  Ollie did a fab job helping to harvest and pod them.  500g after podding, but lots of blanks - we need to work on supporting the local bee population as there are hardly any on our plot. Also leeks, onions and wet garlic.

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