Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Home made fruit lollies

Ollie doesn't react well to artificial colours and sweeteners, and for the sake of both boys teeth and general health we try to limit refined sugars.  One of the treats this therefore precludes is shop bought ice lollies.

This year I saw lolly moulds in the supermarket and thought we'd give it a go.  We have been making lollies with a high fruit content cordial or something refreshing like elderflower cordial watered down to at least the recommended dilution.  Last week though I saw a leaflet in Sainsburies explaining how to make fruit lollies and it seemed really simple so we gave it a go.

I substituted a couple of ingredients for things we had in the cupboard already, left out the chocolate dipped tip and added in passion fruit and this is what we came up with (Makes 8 of the size we used):

Roughly chop two large bananas and a mango
Blend with a squirt of agave syrup (the original recipe called for honey)
Tip into a pint jug, top up to the pint mark with plain yoghurt and stir well
Scoop half a passion fruit into the bottom of each mould
Pour or spoon the lolly mix in to the mould to the fill line and freeze overnight


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