Monday, 17 March 2014

I'm in the Green Parent Magazine this month

If you want to read a really great uplifting, good value magazine for parents, I don't think you can beat the Green Parent.  It's bimonthly, available by subscription and in major chains such as Sainsbury and WHSmith.

I'm really pleased to have an article featured in the current issue - pages 40 to 42 and am looking forward to reading the rest of the great contributions, craft ideas and product reviews.  I like being able to treat myself to a magazine that I can read from cover to cover that's not just endless pages of sick-looking models pushing expensive buggies and exhorting me to spend £80 on a changing bag.

I love seeing the viewing figures on this blog and reading the lovely comments on the blog and on my personal FB page, as well as hearing in person from friends who have tried out activities I've featured, but it's still cool holding something printed in my hands that I've written.  So thank you to all the folks reading this who have given me the confidence to do the whole freelance writing thing xxx

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