Friday, 24 January 2014

Toby makes hummus

The last post I put up on cooking with kids was so popular judging by Facebook comments I'm going to add recipes as a regular bit, so here's Toby's hummus recipe:

Drain a can of chickpeas and tip into blender.
Add two dessert spoons of plain yoghurt
Shake in some sesame seeds (about two dessert spoonfuls)
Add a good pinch of sea salt. a quarter teaspoon of cumin and some ground black pepper
Blend until it's how you like it (smooth or chunky) then serve sprinkled with paprika

Traditionally you add Tahini - a paste made from sesame seeds but we've run out.  Also it's often made with garlic, but Toby said no to adding it today and chose cumin instead.  If the consistency is a bit too thick, just add a bit more yoghurt.  You can also mix it up with your own twist.  We like lemon juice, olives or sun dried tomatoes for variety.

We served this hummus with salad and wraps.  I like this activity because it's fairly instant food gratification for Toby's fairly short attention span, and offers lots of opportunities for him to tip, shake and make decisions about quantities and added ingredients.

Other great kiddy cooking ideas from my Uber-mum friends comments on Facebook:
Pizza (either with homemade or ready mix dough, or flat breads for the base
Cheesy marmite soldiers (teaspoon marmite stirred into pastry, cut into fingers, sprinkled with cheese and cooked).
Cowboy pies (Jam tarts with baked beans and cheese instead of jam for the filling)
Short biscuits (dough made in blender with flour, sugar and butter,  then kids help shape biscuits using cutters)
Savoury biscuits (made by adding teaspoon of vegetable stock powder to biscuit dough)
Cat and dog biscuits (cocoa powder and honey added to dough and cut out into dog or cat shapes)
3D Dinosaur biscuits (using cookie cutters shaped as parts of the 3D dinosaur)

So many thanks to the lovely ladies for these suggestions for me to try, I think we have many more fun kitchen sessions coming up

Safety bit: watch little fingers on open cans as because of sharp edges sharp edges.  Also requires close supervision when using blender - I unplug the blender completely and move it out of reach if I have to step away even for a minute when using it without the base attachment shown in the picture.

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