Friday, 23 August 2013

Bit quiet on the blog front

My apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog front this month.  Littlest has been having a lot of sleep disturbance from teething and a worsening of his apnoea due to inflamed tonsils.  Since a dose of steroids from the hospital has given us a couple of days of untroubled sleep I've been feverishly catching up on my Open University study.

One of the reasons I like doing sponsored posts and reviews is that it gives me a boot up the rump to write even when everything else seems to be conspiring against it, and since I really love writing that's a real win - the last post was written despite a broken toe and slipped disc for example and gave me a real sense of achievement that helped to make sure I didn't start to feel sorry for myself.

Finally, thank you folks, I appreciate all the views.  Here's a random cute picture of Toby last year that always makes me smile xxx

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