Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hi Folks, I've just signed up to be considered for hosting adverts on this site.  If I do get approved, in theory I should get some income each time an ad is clicked on (all of which will be helpful in our 'replaying the over-payment of child tax credits two years ago' fund!).  The cost of childcare and the cock-up by the child tax credits folks meant that having left the house at 7am and returned at 7pm each day, with Ollie in nursery for 10 hours of that, I was effectively working for £10 a day (as a teacher!), and when he was sick and I had to take (unpaid) time off work, but still had to pay the nursery, this quickly became minus money.  So returning to work with two preschoolers in tow is just pointless for me at the moment.  Hence the need to try to work around the little'uns (and the studying for a second degree, and the historical re-enactment which requires sewing of costumes and whatnot).  All in all I know ads can be annoying, but if I do get approved I hope that the content will be matched well to the themes of my blog, and therefore actually useful to those folks kind enough to take an interest in this blog.  I found it good to know a little more about why there is advertising on some of the blogs I like to read, as now I access the adverts as a way of saying thank you to the bloggers for the time they have taken to post content that I have found interesting and informative.  That reminds me, with other sites relying on donations rather than advertising, I must owe Wikipedia about a million quid in thank yous by now :)

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